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Reflection on Book

I really liked this book and the concept of this project, but the only thing, is I wished that we could of chosen our own book. The book was appealing to me at first, due to all the violence and the use of drugs. I thought that a teenager, drugs, and guns would be a perfect combination to any book that would get my attention. It did pull me in, and I enjoyed it. I thought the author did a nice job of putting himself into the brain of teenage that is high on weed, looking for money. This book shows me of all the problems that drugs can lead up to believe it or not. Some times, I think that is a subliminal message to the kids who read it. I thought the book was worthy to recommend to anyone above the age of fourteen. There were so real bad parts in it was start to question Bonís morals and such, but itís a really good book other than that. When I was making the site, I couldnít think of what to put on it, so I combined my daily summaries to make bigger ones and put it on the site. I was going to add pictures about events in the chapters, but most of them would have been very graphic and obscene. By writing the more in depth summaries, I thought about the book more and got into more of Boneís personal life and character. I found out that Bone is just a kid who canít settle down and needs to be in the in crew all the time. I also found out that he does have some sense of morals, but he doesnít want to listen to them. I also saw that all the important people in his life end up dieing. I guess that makes it have a greater impact on Boneís life and shows that he should care about what he/she was trying to teach him. Bone is the kind of person that will see that someone is trying to teach them something, but is ignorant, till they die or leave. Bruce taught Bone that it was okay to be nice and act like a punk at the same time. Rose showed Bone happiness and childhood again. I-Man showed Bone all of his core values, way of thinking, way of living, and religion. Out of all them, I-Man probably had the greatest impact. It seems that if Bone would actually listen to his teachings. There were a few problems here a there, mostly computer problems. I got most of them fixed, but there are a lot of things more that I wanted to add to the website, but I have to fine comb all the bugs out. I also had some trouble with time, because I was mostly out for most of the day and didnít come home till late, so it left little time for reading and working. But, I thought the project was a success and was very interesting.