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Chapter Nine: School days

Bone decides to stay at the bus because he made friends with the Rastafarian, I-Man. I-Man teaches Bone and Froggy all about his religion and his way of life. Bone feels as if heís going back to school, but he doesnít mind. I-Man fixed the bus up and got running water so that they can cook. He gets all of his stuff from Sun Foods which is right next to the bus, He also made a garden full of Jamaican plants, herbs, and foods. He teaches them all about it and how to use and cook it. Bone doesnít mind the food and thinks it taste pretty good. Itís about this time that Bone realizes that itís time to take Froggy home to her real mom. He finds a public telephone both and calls her mom up. Her mom is a low life person who is jobless and can even fend for her own self. She seems reluctant to take Froggy, whose real name is Rose, back home, but agrees if she can get some money. Bone says that heíll take Froggy to the train station and that heíll go home to his parents afterwards. I-Man says thatís a good idea and that heíll be staying at the bus.