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Chapter Eight: The Soul Assassins

Bone again found himself wandering with no place to go. He hitched a ride in a Christian van. Once in the van, he soon realizes that the driver is Buster Brown. He has no choice but to stay and follow Buster around. Buster tells him about his new job with dealing rock bands. He offers Bone to come to a concert put on by a band called The Soul Assassins. Buster has to go and do some business with them up at a bar, so that’s where they’re headed. After Buster parks the car, Buster tells him to hold on to his cash like he’s afraid of it being stolen. While waiting in the car, Bone tires to coax Froggy to come with him and escape but she says no. Then, Buster comes out of the bar, in a fight with some other people. Bone realizes that this is their only chance, so he grabs Froggy, takes Busters money, and splits. Bone wants to find a better home for Froggy and hopefully get her back to her mom. At the same time, he wants a better place to stay, so with no choice, he heads back to the bus. When he gets there, the two brothers are gone and they find a Rastafarian man named I-Man who soon becomes Bones best friend.