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Chapter Seven: The Bone rules

Chappie (now Bone) and Russ were pretty much broke after getting their new tattoos so they needed a new place to stay for a while. Russ remembered a place around where they were that his aunty and uncle used to go to clean. It was a log cabin house that belonged to a rich professor and his wife. They caught a bus ride up to the place where they had to walk for a while into this sort of forest area. It was a pretty nice place and they decided to make this their new home for a while. They ate spaghetti with canned tomato sauce and tuna fish with instant ice tea, which was better than eating nothing. They stayed for a while, using all of the professor’s (Mr. Ridgeway) stuff. They even found some weed that made them happy for a while. Soon enough, Russ said that he needed to get out of here cause he wanted to start over again. He was going over to his Auntie’s house because his mom probably wouldn’t let him come home. He gave Bone his number if he needed help and left. Bone was mad and sad at the same time and figured that he probably should get moving too. He packed as much stuff as he could take including a stuffed bird, some of the Ridgeway’s CD’s, clothes, and gun that he found. Before he left, he tore the place a part and yelled “The Bone Rules!”