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Chapter Six: Skull and Bones

After the fire, Chappie and Russ agreed that they need somewhere to live. Russ knew of this one place that they could stay but it was a little far, so they needed a car to get there. They knew of this one convenient store that people would run into and leave there cars running, so they headed up there to steal a ride. A bunch of firemen, who were probably coming from the fire, came to get drinks and such, but one guy came to his car and was about to go of when he quickly ran back in and left his motor on. Russ and Chappie knew that this would be their only time, so they ran and stole the vehicle right away. It was a brand new Ford Ranger with a blue bubble light on top that they kept on turning on and off as they were riding. They parked the car and stole the plates thinking they could sell them for some money and walked to this run down bus which was own by these two brothers. They stayed there for a while until they decided that they needed to get rid of the tattoo they got when they were staying with Bruce and his gang. They left the brothers and sold them the plates for 100 dollars so that they could pay for new tattoos. Russ got a black panther and Chappie got two crossed bones. They were thinking of new names that they could call each other and Chappie came up with bone for himself.