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Chapter Five: Presumed Dead

Chappie starts to miss his mom again and wonders what she’s doing right now. Chappie is starting to make better friends with Bruce and while Russ sits in his room, locked up for most of the time. One day, Bruce and the rest of his gang come home with load of electronics, from TV’s to VCR’s and even computers. Chappie thought that Bruce scored big and that they were finally going to get some good stuff for the house, but he soon finds out that they are in a some sort of scam. The bikers go to the unloading dock and take all the goods that are supposed to go to the mall, and they come back and dump it off at the house. They start to fill up the whole place with stolen electronics and Chappie and Russ are starting to want to get into the business. Bruce tells them both to screw off, but Russ is not satisfied. He starts to steal a few of each of smaller electronics and stash them somewhere else and then sells it. One day while Russ was out, Bruce and the other realized that some of their stuff was being moved or stolen. They all confront Chappie and he’s forced to spill the beans about Russ. They then believe him but still tie him up, gag him, and leave him in Russ’ room. When Russ came home, luckily he entered through the window of his room and saw Chappie bound up. Chappie told Russ about how the Bruce and the gang figured out their plan so they had to split. Right when they were exiting through the window, the curtain caught fire on the heater. In minutes, the whole place caught fire and Chappie and Russ were about to leave when they heard that Bruce was still in the house thinking that Chappie was tied up. Because they locked Russ’ door, they couldn’t get into his room, so with nothing left to do they split. They then learn that Bruce had died and rest of the gang was presumed dead.