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Chapter Four: Adirondack Iron

Chappie and Russ are back to living with the bikers in the top portion of Video Den. The lead biker, Bruce Walther (a.k.a. Adirondack Iron) was bringing in his friends or as he calls it, his “family”. During the day, Chappie did some small dope selling for the bikers, because he was flat out broke. Bruce lifted weights everyday at a place called Murphy’s Gym, while the rest of the bikers did random things or fixed their bikes. Chappie’s and Russ’ lives were pretty much controlled by the bikers, depending on what mood they have. One day how ever, Bruce and the rest of his gang were partying with some girls that they brought over and making lots of noise, so Chappie and Russ decided to go down stairs to chill out. One of the store managers, Wanda, wants them to turn down the music and starts to complain, till she realizes that Russ had been stealing from the cash register. He’s instantly fired and Wanda wants them out.