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Chapter Three: Canadians

Chappie decides not to go back home and stay with Russ, until one day, the bikers were all wired from the meth that they’ve been taking for the past three days and kicked them out for not having any weed. Russ decided to go back to his mom’s house for a while but Chappie refused to go back home, so he goes to the mall to hang out. While he’s cruising mall, he meets up with a little girl about eight or nine years old. The girl seemed lost and sad, so Chappie was about to help when a security guard came up to him and started to bother him. It was the same one that got him busted for shop lifting, so Chappie wasn’t all that happy to see him again. After they were done, the girl was gone so he decided to move on. He was walking past Victoria Secret, when he saw the same little girl, but this time with an older man who was buying pantyhose stockings. He then came to the conclusion that no one in his or her right mind would do that except for a Canadian. He spied on the man and the little girl, watching them walk around the mall until they came to the food court. He was dead hungry because he hasn’t had a decent meal, so he comes out of the shadows and meets the older man who’s name is Buster Brown and the little girl who’s name is Froggy. Buster buys him some pizza and they talk about Buster’s acting career. Buster tells him that Froggy is part of his career and offers him a chance at the stage. Chappie takes him on with the condition of that he gets twenty bucks. Buster accepts his offer and they are about to leave the mall, when Chappie then has a change of mind. He starts to feel this weird vibe from Buster and his career so he runs off with the money back to Video Den were he decides to call this his permanent home.