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Chapter Twenty-One: Bone’s Revenge

He heads up to the mothership to see that no one is home, so he sits there for a while thinking about thing and finally listening to the classical CD’s that he stole from Mr. Ridgeway. He was drinking beer and listening, when his father’s truck had pulled up and Even Star came home too. Evening Star was glad to see him, but his father was in a real bad mood, so they both went into the kitchen to start on dinner and talk about I-Man. She told him that I-Man was trying to rip someone off with selling his ganja, and he and his gang had been killed for it. They were cooking dinner, and when all of a sudden, Bone asked Evening Star if she would like to have sex with him. She said okay and she did it in the same place that I-Man she did it when Bone saw them. After that, he started to ask if his father had another family back up where he worked, and she was hesitant to tell him, but she did anyways. He then goes and prepares for his leave. He leaves a note for his father saying, “The Bone rules, never forget-tee!”. Then, he goes off to take his revenge. He finds Jason cooking that goat on the barbecue and soon starts to tell him about how he killed I-Man. Jason says that it was the other guy, but Bone knows, so then get into a fight, and Jason ends up falling into the barbecue and then getting dumped in the pool. Bone then rushes off before anyone can catch on.