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Chapter Twenty: Bone phones home

Bone is sad and enraged that I-Man has been killed. He has nowhere to go so he finds an unlocked car and sleeps in there for the night. The next morning, he thought that it would be good if he went back to I-Manís home village to tell them about the sad news. When he arrived there, he realized that they already knew. They all looked at him with a weird glance that made him feel uneasy. He thought that is would be best if he didn't stay any longer that he needed to, so he went back to the house that he used to stay in, got all of his belongings, and headed back to town to find somewhere to sleep. He has no choice but to sleep in the outside park grounds of a hospital. When he is lying there, a stolen ladyís purse falls on his head, tossed by a thief running by. He found a phone card in there and used it to call his buddy Russ. Russ was amazed to hear that he was in Jamaica, and that all the stuff heís been through. Bone asks Russ about how things are going back at home, and he tells him pretty bad. Russ also tells him about his parents splitting to Buffalo, New York and his grandma dieing. Russ says that he canít stand it anymore at home, so he wants to come to Jamaica to hang out and have a good time. Bone reluctantly agrees and tells him that heíll meet him tomorrow. Even sadder, Bone finds a number in his wallet and decides to call it. To his amazement, it is the phone number of Roseís mother. He asks how Rose is doing, and she tells him that she died. Bone is angry and doesnít believe her but has no choice. Even more pissed and lost, Bone has no choice but to head back up to the mothership.