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Chapter Two: All is forgiven

Now Chappie is living with Russ and some bikers at a video store called Video Den. He became a real criminal, selling drugs for the bikers, hanging out at malls while hitting on girls, and while at the malls, doing some shoplifting. It was soon going to be Christmas and he was begging to think about his home and family. He was daydreaming that he could come home with a load of presents and his parents would be opened armed, ready to take him back in with all things forgiven. Then one day at the mall, he was caught shoplifting at Victoria’s Secret. His parents were called down by the police and were very upset, but said that he could come back home. He told his parents that he needed to go back to get all his stuff and that he needed twenty dollars for the rent. He took the money from his parents and said goodbye and that he would meet them at home.