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Chapter Nineteen: Second thoughts

Bone, I-Man, and the rest of the crew got out of the cave and went back to the ganja plantation. They need to work harder now because they are going to have a huge export, so they work day and night, making bags of the Jamaican weed. After all of the ganja is ready, an airplane comes down to pick it up. The driverís name is nighthawk and he really doesnít like slow business, so heís rushing everyone along to get everything in on time. After all the ganja is shipped, then next morning, I-Man, Bone, and some of the other people who were helping all go down to the ant farm to get their share portion of the profit. They all party and smoke, but Bone leaves part of the way to go and check out so of the things in town to see if he can fit in with the locals. After he is done doing that, he comes back to find Jason (a person who lives at the mothership) and nighthawk, who are leaving the ant farm. He is scared because they held him up with guns until Jason realized that Bone was Docís son. He then goes further in to the ant farm to find everyone dead including I-Man, who was shot by Jason.