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Chapter Eighteen: Bone goes native

Without anywhere to go, Bone and I-Man have no choice but to go to I-Manís hometown. When they get there, Bone said that it was just as he imagined; a small, rural town with one small dirt path with small cabins and tree growing everywhere. There is no electricity or running water in the village either. Bone felt pretty weird, being the one white person among a few hundred Maroons (name). I-Man showed him a little hut in that he could stay in and work on his ganja field. Everyday, Bone learned new things about the ganja trade from I-Man. Bone had started to take on new looks, like dark skin and longer hair. One morning, I-Man saw that Bone was taking on some mini dreadlocks so he gave him a special juice, that next morning when he woke up, Bone had some dreadlocks and was looking like a Jamaican. One day, Bone woke up, and I-Man said that they were going on a journey to a cave with some friends to help improve his knowledge of himself. He was lead through a dark, twisty cave. He then was sat down and given a special herb to smoke were he passed out and was in a trance. He woke up to find in self in an old civil was type era were he was a slave. He was a plantation boy that was about to go to sleep, but then his fellow slaves launched and attack against the owners. There were gunshots and people were killed, and Bone barely escaped, and when he woke up, he was back in the cave.