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Chapter Seventeen: Happy Birthday to the Bone

After meeting with his father, everything became busy again, because his father had to go back to Kingston to work as a doctor. People were running in and out and Bone started to call the place the mothership in spite of Evening Star who ran the place. Most of the people there would ignore Bone when Doc wasn’t around, but he didn’t seem to care because him and I-Man were checking out the place on their own. I-Man liked it because he could sell weed to all the people hanging out there and even had to go back to the ant farm to replenish his supply. His father let him stay only if he’d help do some chores around the house and help when needed. One day, Evening Star and Bone were talking about astronomical signs and she asked him when his birthday was. He said that it was sometime this week, and it even surprised him because he thought it was a long ways off. Evening Star was happy and said that they were going to have a party, but Bone thought that they just wanted a reason to throw another huge event. Bone and Doc were out for most of the day, and when they came home, there was a big sign on the front of the mothership that said, “Happy Birthday to the Bone!!!” He was really happy that finally something good was going to happen, and it was going to be a very special party. Various people from town came up to the house to eat, drink, smoke, and just hang out. Bone imagined finding a big birthday cake for him that would come near the end of the party, and everyone would sing to him. Sadly, it didn’t come. Bone, tired and sad, goes to the kitchen to get the last beer when he hears some noises coming from the next room. When he peeks in, he finds I-Man having sex with Evening Star. He is pissed and confused at the same time, so he decides to go to his room when he runs into his father. His father asks him what’s the matter, and he tells him and I-Man and Evening Star. His father says that he has no choice, but to kill him. Bone is terrified for his friend, so he quickly finds I-Man and they escape.