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Chapter Sixteen: Starport

Bone was feeling kind of sad that he missed his father and at the same time dumb, because he was running through the streets. He headed back to where I-Man was and then I-Man asked why he was chasing after him. Bone told him that was his real father and that he wanted to know more about him and maybe even meet up with him. He also asked about the woman who was with him at the time and I-Man said that her name was Evening Star. She was a tall muscular Jamaican woman who to Bone seemed pretty sexy. They asked a cop about her and he said that everyone knew about Evening Star and her house. It turns out that she has a pretty big house not to far from where they were. Bone is anxious to go and I-Man says that heíll go with him to check out the ganja selling. They take a bus all the way up to find a humongous house with a sign that says starport and that looks pretty modern and up to date. Thereís a party going on and Bone becomes worried that maybe his father wonít accept him and tell him to go home. He musters the courage and walk through the doors to find Evening Star again and ask her if he can talk to Doc (his father). She didnít believe him at first till he said that he wanted to talk to Paul. She than knew that he must be American and probably know him, because she was the only one who called him Paul. Just then, Doc comes walking in but naturally does not recognize Bone. Bone then tells him that his real name is Chappie Dorset and then he makes the connection and his filled with joy to see his real son again.