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Chapter Fifteen: Sunsplashed

Both I-Man and Bone got of the plane and pass through customs, without getting papers signed because I-Man knew one of the people there. When they exited the airport, Bone realized that the Jamaica that he pictured was different than the real one. It was really hot even when the sun was going down. They left the airport and walked through a ditch that curved in all sorts of directions, and then they came to a bamboo fence. It was a cave with all sorts of homemade objects in it. They settle down and start to smoke and soon both of them pass out. Bone woke up and saw a man that looked like I-Man but wasn’t. He then was scared and confused trying to find a place where he could sleep. He then found an exit to the beach and fell asleep near the ocean. In the morning, he awoke to find I-Man next to him and he explained that there were three other Jamaicans named Fattis, Buju, and Prince Shabba. Bone started to call the place the ant farm and it was the exact same thing as Video Den. They would all help fix the ant farm and send the two youngest members, Fattis and Buju, to get food, just like Bone and Russ did. I-Man and Prince Shabba would be out for most of the day, running some delivery and when they came home, various people would come over and smoke and hang out. One day however, I-Man told Bone to come with him and see the sights of Jamaica. I-Man would go out and do his deliveries to all sorts of people in town, giving them paper sacks of his ganja (some form of weed). Bone got bored and decided to run of and see if he could score a couple of bucks of the locals and the tourist. He then saw what looked to him like his real father standing off somewhere talking to I-Man and giving him some ganja. Bone ran after him like a madman but he drove off too fast. He was happy to see his real father but then again, sad that he did not hear him yelling and screaming.