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Chapter Fourteen: Crossing the bar

Bone and I-Man get up the next morning and both pack for the trip. Bone is just going to go to the dock and take the ferry to the airport and then see I-Man off. So then get ready and leave the bus and arrive at the ferry dock. Bone felt strange because of the way that they were dressed and how it was one white boy and a Rastafarian traveling together. On the ferry ride, they talked about the white Rasta kid who gave the tape player to I-Man while smoking some more joints. They get to the airport and Bone is faced with the decision if he wants to go or not. He thinks that itís wrong that heís using Buster Brownís money, but I-Man said itís up to him. Bone then realizes that there isnít too much for him back in New York so he goes with I-Man, where his real journey is about to begin.