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Chapter Thirteen: Mister Yesterday

On the way there, Bone starts think about what would happen if he used the gun and killed his whole family. Scenes were playing through his head as he thought about all the different things that could happen in that minute when he picked up the gun. He started to get scared that he might go over board, so he tossed the gun. By the time he got to the bus, he did not eat for a while so he was pretty weak than from before. I-Man welcomes him back however and helps bring him back to life. He teaches him more about his religion while he also shows him how to take care of the garden. I-Man also got more things to add to the place like a tape player and fixed it up even more than before. He also had his fare share of weed growing too, that him and Bone would smoke at night. One night however, I-Man was listening to slavery music instead of the normal reggae stuff that hed listen to. I-Man said that he longed to go back home to his homeland, Jamaica. Bone remembered that he had some left over money that he took from Buster Brown, and that it was probably enough to take him back to Jamaica. I-Man is happy that he can finally go back home.