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Chapter Twelve: Over the river and through the woods

When he gets to his grandma’s house, she also gives him the same greeting about how she was glad and that she thought that he died in the fire. He sits down and talks to her for a while about nothing much until he remembers something. He then starts to ask about his real father who he never knew so well, because he left when he was five. His grandma did not like him and said that his mother was better of without him. She said that he had been cheating on her with some other co-worker. Also, he lied about his job and his status, so his mother had to keep it a secret. She shown him pictures of his old father and he looked like JKF standing next to his 4x4. Bone thought to himself that he’d rather be with him than his mother and stepfather. After they were done talking, he left his grandma’s house, and with no place to go, he went back to the bus.