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Chapter Ten and Eleven: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig, Red Rover

Bone drops Rose off at the station and is pretty sad to see her go. He then catches a ride back to his house to see his mother and stepfather. He goes home only to find his stepfather is drunk beyond all reason and that his cat is dead. Bone is then pissed at his stepfather for drinking so much but at the same time a bit sorry. His mother left him to go to AA (alcohol anonymous) because of his drinking problems. Pissed and confused, he leaves to find his mother. He goes to the AA meeting area where his mom is happy to see him. She says that she wants to get back together again and have a happy family, but Bone rejects and says that she should divorce his stepfather. She tells him to forget about that and to try and get along with him. Bone is then fed up and tells her to chose between him or his stepfather and she choose the stepfather. Annoyed and angry, he then goes to his grandmotherís house.