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Chapter One: Just donít touch anything

In chapter, we are introduced to our main character of the book, Chapman (a.k.a. Chappie or Bone) Dorset, who is teenaged punk living in New York. He lives with his mother and stepfather, Ken, who he calls abusive and who he also terribly hates. Chappie is really into weed, so he is going around the house looking for things to sell. He stumbles upon a .22 caliber rifle and six bags of old coins. He steals a couple of the coins from each of the six bags and sells them to a local pawnshop, and then he takes the money and converts it into weed. He repeatedly does this until one day he comes home and right when he enters the house, his stepfather yanks him in and sets him down in the livingroom. On the table, there is a briefcase, which the coins were in, and when he opens it, there are the six bags of coins looking pretty small. His mother just sits there and cries while his stepfather yells at him about stealing the coins that belonged to his mother. Chappie is soon feed up with all the yelling and stands up and says that heís out of here walks off to meet up with one of his friend named Russ. The next morning after his parents go to work, he goes back to his house to get his clothes. He goes looking for the coins again, which are in the same place as they were before. He takes the rest of them and grabs the .22 caliber gun and shoots up his parentís bed before he leaves.